Danish Yearbook of Musicology is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal related to musical research. Each issue presents articles, book reviews, reports on research projects and conferences as well as a bibliography on literature related to Danish music or musicology.

Recent issues have published articles by a number of acknowledged scholars such as László Somfai, Lászlo Vikárius, Simone Hohmeier, Jane Alden, Olle Edström, Andrea F. and Philip V. Bohlman.

This website contains the free online archives of the journal. All contributions will be available on this site one year after the release of the printed issue. In the summer of 2010 the online archives should be complete with all back issues.

For purchase of the most recent issue or printed copies of older issues, please contact Aarhus University Press.

Danish Yearbook of Musicology (pinted issues: ISSN 1604-9896, former 0416-6884; digital issues: ISSN 2245-4969) was until vol. 30 published as Dansk Årbog for Musikforskning.