Danish Yearbook of Musicology is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by Danish Musicological Society (Dansk Selskab for Musikforskning). Each volume presents articles, book reviews, reports on research projects and conferences as well as a bibliography on literature related to Danish music and musicology. The journal has been published since 1961.

As of volume 40 (2016), which is the most recent issue, Danish Yearbook of Musicology is published on the website www.dym.dk.

Proposals for articles, reviews, or reports are welcome and should be sent to the editors’ e-mail. The main language for publication is English, but articles in German and in the Scandinavian languages are also accepted. Notes and references follow British practice as indicated in the Oxford Style Manual, with use of the author–title system for repeated citations. Please consult the latest issue of the yearbook for style, citation practice, and general approach.

Vol. 41 will be published in 2017, planned as two issues. There will accordingly be two deadlines for submission, 1 January and 15 April 2017.

The website contains the free online archives of the journal. All contributions will be available on this site.

For purchase of printed copies of older issues, please contact Aarhus University Press.

Danish Yearbook of Musicology (digital issues: ISSN 2245-4969; printed issues: ISSN 1604-9896, formerly 0416-6884) was until vol. 30 published as Dansk Årbog for Musikforskning.