Volume 40 • 2016

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EditorialMichael Fjeldsøe, Peter Hauge & Thomas Holme Hansen

The Critical Editing of a Musical Work on the Basis of Incomplete Performance -Material. Scheibe’s Second Passion Cantata, ‘Sørge-Cantate ved Christi Grav’ (1769)
Peter Hauge

Editing Niels W. Gade’s Cantata Comala. Some problems regarding final intentions
Axel Teich Geertinger

Mahmūd Darwīsh and Marcīl Khalīfa: Art and Commitment
Søren Møller Sørensen

Special section: RadioMusic
Papers from the LARM conference ‘Digital Archives, Audiovisual Media and -Cultural Memory’,
Copenhagen, 14–15 November 2013

The Concept of ‘Radio Music’
Michael Fjeldsøe

Radio Within and Across Borders. Music as national and international in interbellum Danish radio
Morten Michelsen

Sounds and Voices from the Past. Using archive material in radio music shows
Mikkel Vad

Jan Maegaard 14.4.1926–27.11.2012Claus Røllum-Larsen
Finn Mathiassen 2.3.1928–20.1.2013Finn Egeland Hansen
Frede V. Nielsen 10.5.1942–21.3.2013Michael Fjeldsøe & Sven-Erik Holgersen

Research Projects
RAMUND: A Century of Music and Radio in Denmark. Music genres, radio genres and mediatisation – Morten Michelsen

Ph.D. Projects
Professional Music Teacher Practice – Finn Holst
Living a Jazz Life: constructions of identity and genre in face-to-face interviews with Danish jazz musicians of the 1950s – Ole Izard Høyer
‘All Yugoslavia Is Dancing Rock and Roll’: Yugoslavness and the sense of community in the 1980s Yu-rock – Zlatko Jovanovic
Analytical Paradigms in Western Music Theory – Thomas Jul Kirkegaard-Larsen
Music Video Today: audiovisual remediation in post-millennial music video – Mathias Korsgaard
Rap, Rights, Respect. A musical anthropology of citizenship, cosmopolitanism and brown rappers in Denmark – Kristine Ringsager
Function of Form – Melopoetic method in song analysis with special regard to church hymns with texts by N.F.S. Grundtvig – Lea Wierød

Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Certaldo, July 2013 – Thomas Holme Hansen
Nineteenth-Century Grand Opera outside Paris, Copenhagen, December 2014 – Jens Hesselager
Second Congress of the Russian Society for Theory of Music, Moscow, September 2015 – Thomas Jul Kirkegaard-Larsen
Seventeenth Nordic Musicological Congress, Aalborg, August 2015 – Mikkel Vad

Danish Musicological Society, 2012/2013-2015/2016 – Peder Kaj Pedersen

Katharine Leiska, Skandinavische Musik in Deutschland um 1900. Symphonien von Christian Sinding, Victor Bendix und Carl Nielsen zwischen Gattungstradition und Nord-Imagines – Daniel M. Grimley
Ulrik Volgsten, Musiken, medierna och lagarna. Musikverkets idéhistoria och etablerandet av en idealistisk upphovsrättJohannes Frandsen Skjelbo
Michael Fjeldsøe, Kulturradikalismens musikPeder Kaj Pedersen

Bibliography 2012-14Anne Ørbæk Jensen

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